company profile

   "Printing is new" - fashion imprinting, the immortal; The force of innovation, is inevitable.

   Shenzhen printing is new brand image design co., LTD in shenzhen in 2015 officially landed by decades of senior advertising people have been walking in circles together. Printing is new is the brand image planning, celebrities, fashion photography photography, jewelry, watches, and other services for the integration of commercial marketing planning team.

   Ten years, again, it is the core of the new force in the industry of precipitation, and concentration is now gaining momentum, always adhere to the concept of customer interests first, to provide customers with the most suitable, the most professional, best quality planning scheme. At the same time will continue to explore talents, cultivating new, inject some fresh blood, make the team strength innovation, growth and progress.

   The shaping process of a successful brand should be unified and systematic and complete. Under the guidance of enterprise development strategy, from the brand positioning, brand image design and promotion, product packaging design, etc., how to effectively reflect and transmit the brand core value, shall be subject to unified marketing target, thus forming a complete system.

   In the future, we will learn from good experiences, improve their deficiencies, condensing a variety of creative advertising, public relations, event marketing and other strong resources, brings to the enterprise continued strong brand power, for every customer to tailor the unique brand planning scheme.

the company culture

   Enterprise goals: to help companies to grow, achieve dreams

   Corporate philosophy: quality is the fundamental, innovation is the life, practical is objective, efficiency is the goal

   Business requirements: honesty, innovation as the soul, constantly beyond, the pursuit of perfection

   Enterprise tenet: professional, concentrate, the sincerity

   Enterprise vision: to help our customers to create the most fashionable, most innovative, to give customers the surprise that expect is less than

service features

   Integrity and systemic: brand creation, brand culture, brand promotion, brand management integration services

   Practicality and innovation: a market-oriented brand innovation system; Brand value and sublimation as the core driving force

   Sustainable development: to help enterprises develop comprehensive brand planning program, realize sustainable development